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[02 Nov 2005|09:10pm]
[ mood | okay ]


Für Satzkonstruktionen mit 'kara' steht im Nebensatz das Verb in der Lexikonform, oder? Weil desu->da+kara klingt ja wie... 'dakara' eben. o_O

もっと日本語 oder もっと書きたい ?

先回に / 先回は / 先回 ? Ich bin mir da nie so sicher, ob das ne genau Zeitangabe oder nur Satzthema ist.
'...話します'='-über- etw. reden'??

今日私はLörrachのKarstadtで新しくて、タイ国のDVDの「Bangkok Dangerous」を買いました。映画はOKでした。主演者(=Hauptdarsteller?)の「Pawalit Mongkolpisit」はあまりきれくなかったです。でも映画にろうあしゃ(=Taubstummer)だったから、とてもかわいかったですよ。^^(見て下さい!
Lörrach はカタカナで何ですか。

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Summary of the last months [18 Jan 2005|05:47pm]
[ mood | blah ]

There isn't much intesting to tell, as nothing special has happened.
I still hadn't an OBE (Out of Body Experience) so far, even though I still see a slight progress. And some days ago I started to get the vibrations without even try to induce an OBE. It just starts before I fall asleep, so I wake up a little shocked. But I like it anyway and consider it a good sign, because my subconcious does the whole work for me. ^_- So instead of spending an hour to practice, I just lay down in bed like everyone else, and right before I actually fall asleep, the vibrations hit me, so I'm in the right state of mind. ^_^

Other than that I slightly advanced in psychokinesis. What I have moved so far is
- the psi-wheel of course + control over directions
- an ice cube
- different pendulums
- toothpicks floating on water
- psi-wheel under a plastic box
- balanced drinking straws
- a ping pong ball
(And a bunch of other things as I tend to practice with nearly everything which is in reach of my hands.)

As for the latter two: the drinking straw is my favourite 'toy' at the moment. It's great to see how I progressed, as at the beginning I could make it spin maybe 2 times a row and now it spins without any effort and without me concentrating on it, just as if it was my psi-wheel. :)
And for the ping pong ball... Well.. This is my next big goal. I just can make it shake so far. But I'm optimistic. With a bit of practice I maybe get it to roll until the end of the week. ^_^ *crosses fingers*

I know those stuff I moved where only very light stuff and maybe some people are laughing at me now. o_O But no, I don't consider myself as very skilled, and yes, I'm a newbie. So what? Everyone has to start from scratch, and I don't make a secret of it.

Tomorrow maybe summary of the first telepathy class on PsiPog.net, if I find the time for writing it.

...Talking of PsiPog.net - they have a new video by Float up on their site. Jesus Fucking Christ..! I wouldn't believe what I saw if it wasn't PsiPog.net. x_x Float almost levitates a coin. O.O;

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Introduction [18 Jan 2005|04:31pm]
[ mood | okay ]

This journal is considered as a sequel to my journal on GreatestJournal.com, which is temporary closed.

I decided to open a new one, because I'm not very pleased with GreatestJournal, as it hasn't got much active communities about psionic stuff. And I just don't like the whole appearance of the site. *shrugs* (Even though I'll miss the fact that you could use an unlimited number of icons..)

Just a note... I don't consider this journal to be somehow interesting. I can't give you an explanation why certain things work. I can't even offer you a theory about it, because I have to admit - I never even tried to find one, as I'm not familiar with quantum physics or what the hell ever.
The journal is mostly for my own purpose. To note down different stuff which I find interesting, or just to keep track of my progression in certain things.

On a complete other note:
Current layout features acid android's Yukihiro (guitar & vocals), maybe better known as L'Arc-en-Ciel's drummer.
Why? - That guy kicks ass! I really like him and I love his music. ^_^
Aside from Yukki looking かっこい as always, the layout sucks. *lol* I really don't have a clue how to work with Photoshop 7. ^^" And I'm not very creative. But let's forget about it.. *lol*

Okay, enough babbling.
A last warning: my English sometimes really really sucks. *lol*

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