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This journal is considered as a sequel to my journal on, which is temporary closed.

I decided to open a new one, because I'm not very pleased with GreatestJournal, as it hasn't got much active communities about psionic stuff. And I just don't like the whole appearance of the site. *shrugs* (Even though I'll miss the fact that you could use an unlimited number of icons..)

Just a note... I don't consider this journal to be somehow interesting. I can't give you an explanation why certain things work. I can't even offer you a theory about it, because I have to admit - I never even tried to find one, as I'm not familiar with quantum physics or what the hell ever.
The journal is mostly for my own purpose. To note down different stuff which I find interesting, or just to keep track of my progression in certain things.

On a complete other note:
Current layout features acid android's Yukihiro (guitar & vocals), maybe better known as L'Arc-en-Ciel's drummer.
Why? - That guy kicks ass! I really like him and I love his music. ^_^
Aside from Yukki looking かっこい as always, the layout sucks. *lol* I really don't have a clue how to work with Photoshop 7. ^^" And I'm not very creative. But let's forget about it.. *lol*

Okay, enough babbling.
A last warning: my English sometimes really really sucks. *lol*
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