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Summary of the last months

There isn't much intesting to tell, as nothing special has happened.
I still hadn't an OBE (Out of Body Experience) so far, even though I still see a slight progress. And some days ago I started to get the vibrations without even try to induce an OBE. It just starts before I fall asleep, so I wake up a little shocked. But I like it anyway and consider it a good sign, because my subconcious does the whole work for me. ^_- So instead of spending an hour to practice, I just lay down in bed like everyone else, and right before I actually fall asleep, the vibrations hit me, so I'm in the right state of mind. ^_^

Other than that I slightly advanced in psychokinesis. What I have moved so far is
- the psi-wheel of course + control over directions
- an ice cube
- different pendulums
- toothpicks floating on water
- psi-wheel under a plastic box
- balanced drinking straws
- a ping pong ball
(And a bunch of other things as I tend to practice with nearly everything which is in reach of my hands.)

As for the latter two: the drinking straw is my favourite 'toy' at the moment. It's great to see how I progressed, as at the beginning I could make it spin maybe 2 times a row and now it spins without any effort and without me concentrating on it, just as if it was my psi-wheel. :)
And for the ping pong ball... Well.. This is my next big goal. I just can make it shake so far. But I'm optimistic. With a bit of practice I maybe get it to roll until the end of the week. ^_^ *crosses fingers*

I know those stuff I moved where only very light stuff and maybe some people are laughing at me now. o_O But no, I don't consider myself as very skilled, and yes, I'm a newbie. So what? Everyone has to start from scratch, and I don't make a secret of it.

Tomorrow maybe summary of the first telepathy class on, if I find the time for writing it.

...Talking of - they have a new video by Float up on their site. Jesus Fucking Christ..! I wouldn't believe what I saw if it wasn't x_x Float almost levitates a coin. O.O;
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